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Insight and commentary on qui tam law in Oregon

Qui Tam CLE

October 18, 2023

I‘ll be presenting on qui tam issues that we discuss here on November 15. Come by and check it out!

It’ll be at our firm, Markowitz Herbold, 1455 SW Broadway, Ste 1900. Come by and let’s talk whistleblowing and qui tam. Ok, ok, I’ll even throw in lunch, but that’s my best and final offer.

Here’s the topic:

Qui Tam, derived from a Latin phrase meaning “he who sues for the king as well as for himself,” refers to cases in which private individuals, often referred to as “whistleblowers,” bring lawsuits on behalf of the government against individuals or entities that have defrauded the government. We will explore the history, legal framework, and procedural aspects of Qui Tam cases, emphasizing the False Claims Act as a primary statute in such matters. Attendees will gain insight into the complexities of qui tam litigation, the role of whistleblowers, potential rewards, and the critical implications of these cases for both the government and the individuals involved. Additionally, the CLE will provide guidance on navigating the legal nuances, evidentiary requirements, and strategic considerations involved in prosecuting or defending against Qui Tam claims.